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Kathleen Hayward
Speaker Bio
Kathy is a pharmacist and Certified Respiratory Educator, Certified Tobacco Educator with the AHS program, Calgary COPD & Asthma Program. She works mostly in the Outpatient Respiratory Clinic at Peter Lougheed Center providing disease self- management, tobacco cessation and lots of device education and assessment. She also goes to 2 community settings at present as not all patients with respiratory disease need to see a specialist and often with some support the person and family physician can manage things very well on their own.
She is originally from Saskatchewan but has worked for many years in community pharmacy and with primary care settings also. She is very concerned that we help people understand and use the effective medications we have for respiratory diseases as it can be very confusing. As people age different challenges with conditions can make it harder to use a device. She is very passionate about all health care providers checking if devices are working for the people they are prescribed for.
Kathleen Hayward